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What kind of clothing should I wear for class?

For all aerial classes we recommend wearing fitted, stretchy leggings that cover the backs of your knees.  We recommend for men: leggings underneath athletic shorts, dancers belt (available at dance stores) if desired. Men may wear just athletic shorts, but be aware that loose shorts will ride up when upside-down. 

For tops:  fitted, stretchy top that tucks in and covers your armpits. Men must wear shirts.

Absolutely no shoes on any apparatus

Absolutely no jewelry or belts on any apparatus

For those with long hair, it is recommended that you pull it back so that it doesn’t get tangled in the fabrics or hang in your face while upside down

No lotions, or body oils, as we don’t want to compromise your grip on the apparatus.


What Aerial Classes does your program offer?

We offer classes that include Aerial Fabric/Silks, Static Trapeze, lyra, and Sling/Hammock.


What does a basic class entail?

Every class starts with a warm-up including stretching with the class instructor. The majority of the class will be skills instruction on the aerial apparatus. The class will end with conditioning.


Can I start at any time or do I have to wait for the beginning of a session?

We run our classes in sessions.  Our sessions are on-going.  You can begin at any time if there is space in the class. If you know you can't make a few classess before the session starts, we can totally pro-rate it, but we'll have to first allow the full time students enroll.   


Do I need previous experience or training?

Anyone can participate in our classes, regardless of previous experience or abilities.  Don’t worry that you might not be strong enough.  During the class you will be taught the skills needed and develop muscle used for aerials.  Bring your passion and willingness to learn!


Are there prerequisites to attend certain classes?

Our classes are great for students of all levels.  Our classes are designed to fit your unique goals, whether you are looking for an exciting new work-out, a fun way to move your body, or performance based program. Over the years, we have developed a proven system that will take you from absolute beginner to accomplished aerialist. Watch how your body mind, and spirit transform when your feet leave the ground!  


Where are your classes located?

Our classes are held at 1235 S. Harrisburg Street, Suite E, Harrisburg, PA 17113

What are the Aerial Silks?

Aerial Fabric, also known as Aerial Silks or Tissu, are long lengths of slightly stretchy fabric that hang about two stories up from the ceiling.  Performing on the fabric is a combination of climbing, tying knots, and creating wraps as well as using flexibility, strength, and coordination to transition through the skills.


What is the Static Trapeze?

The Static Trapeze is a non-swinging trapeze that is suspended from the ceiling about 8 feet from the ground by a cotton style rope.  The trapeze bar is covered in a rubberized tape to aid with grip and to add padding.  The ends on the trapeze bar where it connects to the rope are covered in fabric and padding to aid with skills.  Learning how to perform on the trapeze will help you build strength, flexibility, and coordination.


What is the Lyra (Aerial Hoop)?

The Lyra (Aerial Hoop) is a circular steel apparatus (resembling a hula hoop) suspended from the ceiling, on which aerialist or circus artists may perform aerial acrobatics.  It can be used static, spinning, or swinging.


What is the Sling/Hammock?

The Sling/Hammock belongs to the family of Circus and Aerial acrobatics.  It is a long piece of fabric, hanging from the ceiling, forming a swing.  The Sling is suspended 3-4 feet off the ground allowing the student to get their whole body into it, as if it was a huge hammock and explore movement, poses, transitions and sequences.    


Can I stop by to observe a class?

Yes! Take a look at the schedule and class descriptions, then email or call us to coordinate the best time to observe a class.  We will also gladly make recommendations based on your experience, fitness level, and overall goals.


Can I start at any time or do I have to wait for the beginning of a session?

We run our classes in sessions.  Our sessions are on-going.  You can begin at any time if there is space in the class.  We will pro-rate the session for you. 


Can I just show up and take a class?

We have a limited number of spots in our aerial classes.  Reservations are needed.  We wouldn’t want you to show up and the class would be full.  You can call or email the studio to make reservations.  


Can I take a single lesson?

Yes, we offer private/semi private lessons at the studio. 

How do I advance in levels?

Class levels are based on mastery of skills, progressions, and concepts that students must demonstrate before moving on to the next level. It is possible for a student to progress more quickly, but each student is placed in the appropriate level class. Many students will spend several sessions in one level; everyone moves at a different pace, and a lack of advancement does not mean you're not learning.


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