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Our Mission

Artz N’ Motion strives to provide quality aerial training in a positive, structured, safe, and supportive environment.  We pride ourselves in offering a program that allows anyone to participate and enjoy movement in a new way—whether you are a fitness fan, a hobbyist, or seeking to perform professionally one day. 


We have three passions; aerials, the education of true aerial technique, and our students, young and old.  We believe this is the perfect combination and we very much love what we do.  It is not only our job—it’s our passion.


Our Vision

Artz N’ Motion’s goal is to be a leader in aerial arts education.  We are inclusive of every student, no matter the age or level of experience, and we encourage every individual to be the best aerialist he or she can be. Artz N’ Motion seeks to place each student in the level best for him or her, and we encourage students to be proud of individual accomplishments throughout their training.


Artz N’ Motion offers expert training for a variety of aerial styles, including silks, trapeze, lyra, and sling. In addition to training skilled aerialists, Artz N’ Motion cultivates self-discipline and team work, always in a positive atmosphere.


We believe an aerial coach’s influence on the future of a student extends far beyond what goes on in the studio. Our teaching philosophy is centered on instilling a passion for aerial arts while building self-esteem and confidence in every student.  The students’ well-being is our priority; their capability is secondary.


Artz N’ Motion is a faith-built organization.  We value and treasure each family member that walks into the studio.  Our desire is that everyone experiences an atmosphere of love, honesty, and inspiration.  Artz N’ Motion encourages its aerialist to move with their hearts, souls, and mind—to imagine the impossible—then do it.


Artz N’ Motion supports all local arts.  We truly want each family to be committed to our philosophy. No matter where your journey takes you, we hope you have found your home in Artz N’ Motion.

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