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Artz N' Motion is Central Pennsylvania's premier training center for aerial arts.  Aerial arts is a fun and healthy activity as well as a beautiful, artful expression.  It combines dance, acrobatics and creative movements while building tremendous core strength, flexibility and aerobic endurance.  We offer many classes including trapeze, aerial sling and fabric where you will learn climbs, poses and drops.  No prior skill or fitness level is required. 

Come fly with us!

Joyce Marks

It was suggested to me to try aerial silks/fabric by a gal who was enjoying the art, so I began taking lessons from Jane back in April 2017.  Being a senior citizen with no gymnastics background and considering myself with limited flexibility, after one session, I have become an aerial junkie.  My core and upper body strength is developing more quickly than any other exercise regimen I have ever done.  I actually look forward to working out and learning new skills.  I never thought I could do inversions and feel weightless.  Although I am very much a beginner, I look forward to challenging myself with new skills and being amazed when I master them.  Thank you Jane!​

Mickayla Eberly

After every class there is a feeling strength and accomplishment!  I personally love that feeling!  You learn to use muscles you didn't even know you had and after each class you can feel yourself getting stronger, but not just in the "pick things up and put them down" kinda way.  Aerial is a beautiful sport that anyone can try and most likely will fall in love with it and especially when you are taking classes Artz N' Motion!  You are instructed by very knowledgeable and talented instructors who are also very aware of safety practices.  They will start your aerial journey from the ground (literally) all the way up!  You also could have the opportunity of performing in an Artz N’ Motion showcase.  Friends and family will be amazed by the incredible skills you have learn along side your classmates!

Lisa Rogers

I have been going to Artz N’ Motion for 4 years.  Jane is a great instructor who always puts safety first.  I had never done anything like this before.  I tried it out just for fun.  After 4 years, I am still obsessed and look forward to going every week!
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